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5. NHS Cheshire and Merseyside ICB

6. NHS Greater Manchester ICB

7. NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB


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Karen Davies - Chair of North West SCNAC


Senior Nurse - Projects
HC One

Nursing has been a passion since bringing nurse training in 1982. I went from being a community nurse to the social care sector, managing care home teams of care home managers and supporting others to develop and manage their own care homes.

Retired from a role as a Registered Home Manager to work part-time as a senior nurse working on specific projects for HC-ONE.

Raising the profile of nurses who work in the social care sector has always been of paramount importance.

Awarded the Gold Chief Nurse Adult Social Care Award from the Department of Health and Social Care’s Chief Nurse, Deborah Sturdy. The award recognises a select number of nurses in the UK each year who go above and beyond to make outstanding contributions in the field.

Foundation of Nursing Studies Alumni and inspire improvements Fellow.

Pilot home for The Teaching Care Home project.

Interested in creative ways of working, innovation and supporting all in realising ambition, be it colleagues or those who use our nurse-led services.

Michelle Howarth Co -Chair of North West SCNAC

Dr. Michelle

Senior Engagement Fellow
at Edge Hill University

Dr Michelle Howarth is a Senior Engagement Fellow at Edge Hill University with a specialist interest in social prescribing and using nature-based, person-centred approaches to promote health and wellbeing.

Michelle is passionate about fostering personalised care to support people with long-term conditions and leads the National Social Prescribing Network Special Interest Group for Nursing and chairs the national PerCIE group, through which she is actively campaigning to raise awareness of social prescribing and salutogenic, personalised approaches amongst nurses, social care, AHPs & medics through research, curriculum development and placement opportunities.

She has led many funded projects exploring the value and impact of PIVO placement expansion on student learning and future integrated workforce development. She is recognised nationally and internationally for her expertise and work.

Michelle has collaborated with national organisations to develop standards for Social Prescribing Outcomes, Link Worker Competencies and, more recently, analysed the potential for expanding public health placements in non-traditional contexts.

Michelle is the Chair of the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board Shared Decision-Making Council, actively campaigning to raise the profile of social care nursing and the need for integrated provision to make a positive difference.


Joint Chief Nurse
North West

James McLean - Joint Regional Chief Nurse for North West


Joint Chief Nurse

North West

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