The VIVALDI Social Care project welcomes Camascope to the Project

VIVALDI Social Care is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Camascope. This expansion builds on its existing collaborations with Nourish and Person Centred Software, strengthening its commitment to integrating technology and data-driven insights in the social care sector. Originally, the project partnered with Nourish and Person Centred Software, two leaders in the field […]

Care Home Open Week Celebration with Caring Homes

The impact of Adult Social Care Nurses extends far beyond the individuals they care for. They provide peace of mind to families, knowing their loved ones are in capable and caring hands. And among many other things, they contribute to the overall wellbeing of communities by promoting health and preventing illness through education and proactive […]

Celebrating Excellence in Social Care: The King’s Birthday Honour List 2024

The King’s Birthday Honour List 2024 has recognized a remarkable group of individuals for their exceptional contributions to social care. This prestigious recognition shines a light on the dedication, compassion, and innovation that these honorees bring to one of society’s most vital sectors. From frontline workers to pioneering leaders, each recipient has made a significant […]

Planning for Wellbeing by Bright Selection

Burnout among Home Managers is a growing concern, especially highlighted during the recent Mental Health Awareness Week. Home Managers play an essential role in the Social Care sector, and addressing their stress levels is crucial for maintaining their well-being and the overall stability of care homes. The Role of Home Managers: A 24/7 Commitment Being […]


The Outstanding Society are delighted to announce that The Out Standing Diversity Forum are proudly marching in the London Pride in June 2024. AND EVERYONE IS INVITED. The Out Standing Diversity Forum are particularly excited to be making its London Pride debut this year as LGBTQ+ history month’s theme was Medicine – #UnderTheScope, and aimed […]

Bright Selection offers advice on selecting a Recruitment partner

In the dynamic landscape of the care sector, choosing the right recruitment partner is a strategic move. It extends beyond filling vacancies; it involves finding a team that authentically represents your brand. When researching potential partners, seek consultancies with a robust network, a well-established online presence, and experience matching your needs in terms of roles […]

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