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December 2023Welcome to Lara, Howden – new headline partner, Website update, Unlocking Excellence – our next virtual meeting, VIVALDI Social Care animation, Skills for Care updates, Nourish easy read on CQC Strategy, NHS Volunteer Responders, SCNAC’s update, Painchek potential rollout across Scotland, Car England 2024 Conference, Florence Nightingale Foundation – raising awareness of Intl’ Nurse & Midwife associations, Brakes reflection on Green policies and the CQC, Congratulations on Outstanding ratings, RCN Foundation Chair in ASC announcement, RWK Goodman overview of CQC State of Care Report.
October 2023Thank you Russell, Care Show 2023 NEC Birmingham, Winter Wellbeing – October Virtual Meeting, Master Series – Responsive 19th October 2023, Vote for the Social Care Top 30 – 2023, NIHR – Clinical Research Network Wessex, Care home residents mark Southampton’s 54th annual Boat Show by creating and racing their own Boats, Lending in the Social Care Sector, Involving people in care planning, Use ASC-WDS to access funding for training your staff, Congratulations on an Outstanding rating
September 2023Honours stories: An outstanding achievement, Social Care Top 30 shortlist, Care Show 11-12 October 2023 NEC Birmingham, September Virtual Meeting ” Teach them well and let them lead the way”, Welcome Brakes – new sponsor of the Outstanding Society, Masters Series – Caring September 14th, Professional Care Workers’ Week CWC, CQC Learning from safety incidents – Protecting people using wheelchairs, Skills for Care registered manager webinar, Care Homes – Can you help a Public Health Doctor to complete a PhD research Project?, Nourish Care webinar, eMAR: An Outstanding Story, How personal music can enrich the lives of people living with dementia, Significant changes to flexible working and their impact on the social care sector
August 2023The Spirit of Stow Awards, Out-Standing – Pride in Social Care Coming soon!, Professional Care Workers’ Week 2023, The Masters Series, Found – industry leading billing system, VIVALDI Social Care Residents & Relatives Engagement Meeting, Social Care Nurse Advisory Council (SCNAC) Chair Update, Skills for Care Frontline managers – a chance to sample Skills for Care Registered manager networks & New special offers added to the ASC-WDS Benefits Bundle, Nourish – Care Home Professional article, Care Show Birmingham 11th & 12th October 2023, RWK Goodman – International Recruitment: Modern Slavery and the Care Sector, Hallmark Care Homes announces new Corporate Connections challenge!, Congratulations on an Outstanding rating.
July 2023Congratulations Zoe Fry OBE!, Social Care Nurse Advisory Council (SCNAC) Chair Update, Nourish Webinar, VIVALDI 4 minutes of your time for the future of social care!, Masters Series, #credtalks – putting social into Social Care, Care Insights with podcast with Skills for Care, Skills for Care Thursday 21 September 2023 10:00 – 11:00 (Virtual Webinar using Zoom), CQC New State of Care Research, RWK Goodman – Social Care Sector & the CQC
A Brief Look at What Service Providers Need to Know, Congratulations on an Outstanding rating.
June 2023Social Care Nursing Advisory Council (SCNAC), Vivaldi Social Care – Reducing Infections and Improving Lives, The Masters Series, Welcome to our new Partners – Found & Camascope, The Kings Coronation celebrations, Skills for Care – Guiding principles for delegated healthcare activity, #CRED Talks, Care Home Open Week, The Open University – Relationships matter, CQC – Learning from safety incidents, Congratulations on an Outstanding rating.
May 2023The Residential & Home Care Special! – The Master Webinar Series, The Nurse Factor – Superstars of our sector – our next virtual meeting, Share your Coronation stories!, Workforce equality, diversity, and inclusion – Skills for Care resources, International Nurses Day, Dying Matters Awareness Week, CQC – Learning from safety incidents, Care Insights with the Outstanding Society, April episodes, Congratulations on an Outstanding CQC Rating,
April 2023The Launch of the OS Master Webinar Series, VIVALDI Social Care update, The Residential and Home Care Show, Lest We Forget and article reflecting on the most recent Easter periods and the losses many experienced, Care Sector’s Got Talent, Adult Social Care Workforce Support Survey, In search of the Lesser Spotted Outstanding Home, Reasons you should be using a digital care planning platform, Celebrating International Nurses Day, Registered Nurse or Nursing Associate? Share your Career story, Use ASC-WDS to record which staff have completed their Oliver McGowan Training, New and improved training and qualifications pages in ASC-WDS, #CREDTalks, Wendy Mitchell joins Excelcare webinar to share her incredible story of living with dementia, RCN Foundation, CQC – Learning from safety incidents, Care Insights with the OS March episodes, Congratulations for an Outstanding rating, Nursing Times Awards 2023, IPS Care Home SIG Study Day.
March 2023February Virtual Meeting, Our next Meeting, The Residential & Home Care Show, The principles of delegated healthcare, Providing evidence to the CQC , Adult Social Care Workforce Data set, Care England Conference 2023, CQC – Learning from safety incidents, Care Insights with the OS February episodes, Congratulations for an Outstanding rating, Nursing Times Awards 2023.
February 2023New Team Members, Shared Decision-Making Councils (SDMCs), Let’s identify nurses, care /ancillary staff and managers that we can put forward for an honour, award or medal, January Virtual Meeting, Our next Virtual Meeting, Skills for Care Updates, VIVALDI Social Care Project, How to access funding for digitalising care records, Care England Conference 2023, Dying well: Social care research for quality in palliative and end of life care, CQC – Learning from safety incidents, Care Insights with the OS January episodes, Congratulations for an Outstanding rating, Care career conference set to attract hundreds of school pupils into care, Riverdale Court Sparkle Café.
January 2023Chief Nurse for Social Care Awards surprise for Samantha & Zoe. Decembers Meeting Recording, VIVALDI Care Home Project update, Care England’s 2023 Conference & Exhibition Thriving not just surviving, Skills for Care 2023 Campaign, Decembers Podcasts, Congratulations for an Outstanding rating, The 2022 Sector Pulse Check Survey, CQC – Learning for safety incidents, University of Chichester – supporting Student Nurses & Nurse Associates.
December 20222022 what a year!, CQC responses to Novembers ‘Preparing for a new era of inspection’ chat questions, December’s Virtual Meeting, VIVALDI Care Home Study, Care Insights November podcasts, Congratulations for an Outstanding rating, Nursing Times awards 2022, Use ASC-WDS to access funding for training your staff, Care England 2023 Conference, Care England’s new website, Safeguarding Week poems,
November 2022Reflecting on the 2022 Care Show, The Launch of the OS APP & Podcast channel, November’s Virtual Meeting with the CQC about the new era of inspection, The VIVALDI Care Home Project, The Women Achieving Greatness in Social Care Awards (WAGS), Save Hundreds On Your Energy Bills – Special Support For Social Care, Congratulations to all recently annouced Outstanding ratings, Nourish – Continuous improvement in care through digital transformation, RWK Goodman – Solutions to the staff retention challenges highlighted in latest Skills for Care report, Anger = Pain, What is team work?
October 2022Care Show 2022 – The OS Learning Lounge, Coming Soon – The OS APP and podcast channel, CHOICE Dining accreditation, ASC-WDS , LifeVac Good News!, Congratualtions on an Outstanding rating!, Noursih Care – Continuous improvement in care through digital transformation.
September 2022Number Witheld – Service not Surface! – The OS App & Podcast -Tender care delivers end of life wish – How to become an employer of choice and reduce staff turnover -Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating! – October Virtual Meeting details and agenda for The Care Show October 2022.
August 2022Pioneering diabetes training and guidance launched in care homes – Double Celebrations for Melrose Nursing Home, Worthing – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating! – NHSE guidance on Vitamin D suppliments – New CQC inspection focused seminars from Skills for Care – Adult Social Care Digital Transformation Fund – Is long Covid a disability? – The Care Workers’ Charity Supporter Membership Programme
July 2022Care Home Open Week: Expect the unexpected – The Residential & Care Home Show   26th April 2022 – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating – New endorsed training providers in the ASC-WDS Benefits Bundle – National Data Opt Out deadline  31st July 2022 – KILOMETRES FOR CARE WORKERS AT LEEDS 10K
June 2022What’s new in Health & Social Care – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating – Laing Buisson’s Social Care Conference – Hallmark Care Homes bury time capsules to mark 25 years – Care Workers Charity – Upcoming Events – Learning from Complaints – Helping to shape Skills for Care future workforce planning resources – ASC-WDS to be used to evaluate the impact of social care reform – New managers – resources and support
May 2022The Residential & Home Care Show – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating – Better late then never…a good news story – A free service to digitally manage your training and qualification records – Care Home Awards – 2022 – Learn to control the spread of infection with Altura Learning – Nourish Care extends role access for GP Connect extension
April 2022Using Complaints to improve – Come and say Hello at the Residential & Home Care Show – The Care England 2022 Conference & Exhibition – Introducing Forefront, a new development programme for frontline care staff from minority ethnic backgrounds – The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set; working with the Care Quality Commission – Hello from Hampshire! – Care Association – Nourish Care boosts integration capabilities with partner Atlas eMAR – Care Home Awards – Finalists 2022 – VAT Strategy: Sustainability and Growth – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating
March 2022Rainbows – from our own storm – Register now for the Care England 2022 conference! – Discounts from learning providers now available through the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set – The Care Workers Charity – Choking – The silent Killer – Prepare for an inspection with Altura Learning – Bluelight Card – Mandatory vaccination U-turn: what you need to know – Workforce Survey – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating – Get help with your Care Equipment maintenance – Apetito launches FREE Guide to Care Home Catering
February 2022Skills for Care Overseas Recruitment webinar – Outstanding Entries Expected for the Care Home Awards – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating -Insurance – Review and Outlook – CQC’s New Strategy– a refreshing new approach fit for the 21st century
January 2022Welcome to our new board members – Congratulations on an Outstanding Rating – Register now for the Care England 2022 conference – Using ASC-WDS to reflect on your organisation’s performance – Raising awareness of your outstanding practice – Nourish Care are proud to partner with The Outstanding Society – What is Digital Social Care?
December 2021Register now for the Care England 2022 conference – Chief Nurse Adult Social Care Award -Oonagh Smyth, CEO, Skills for Care – Medicines Optimisation for Care Homes – The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set – West Sussex Care and Business Support Team – Outstanding providers win at Laing Buisson Awards – Congratulations James – Vida Court – Surrey Care Association (SCA) – Thank you to our partners Skills for Care for this wonderful opportunity -The Lantern Model – A new contemporary Nursing Model for End of life Care – Congratulations to recent recipients of the CQC ‘Outstanding’ rating – Adopting a VAT Strategy for Growth

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