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Katie Thorn – Project Lead
Digital Social Care

I’m currently working on a project with the National Care Forum looking at what digital support care providers would like to have around data security and digital more broadly in the future. We are running 3 workshops next week and I wondered if any of your members would like to take part?

The workshops are on:

  • Monday 24th 12-1pm – Residential care
  • Tuesday 25th 3-4pm – Home care
  • Thursday 27th 10-11 am – LD/MH/Autism

The purpose of the workshop is to explore what support care providers might need to use technology, particularly in relation to data security. We know that care providers are being expected to use more tech and digital tools day to day and that there is limited support or help to do this.

We want to speak to owners and managers about what support would be most useful and who would be best to provide this. I’m looking for care managers who would be willing to join a one-hour virtual workshop in January to discuss this topic.

To find out more or to take part please email

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