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West Sussex Care and Business Support Team

As we build our links with Local Authorities we would like to celebrate what teams do to support providers in their area and learn from each other. An excellent example from Jon Borthwick about how the WSCC Care and Business Support Team (CAB’s) support its providers.

The Care and Business Support Team (CaBS) was introduced to work with local services in the care sector and provides professional support across West Sussex. The teams focus is on supporting services to deliver safe and high-quality care, as well as focussing on service improvement.

Since March 2019, the team have been providing ongoing and consistent support to services, specifically related to the impact of Covid 19 on services across the County. Whilst our initial response and support was to help facilitate a ‘first point of contact’ with services, supporting with practical issues, such as food supplies, PPE requirements and the introduction of National Capacity Trackers, testing regimen and vaccination protocols. The Care and Business Support team was the first team to speak with the manager of a service, offer some wellbeing support as well as signposting to the ‘practical’ things.

Our current work has been helping to provide clear and up to date information and guidance via the Contracts and Performance Team Newsletter.

We have also been holding fortnightly briefings with a Covid 19 focus, our next briefing will be a questions and answers session with Public Health. CQC, Skills for Care, UKHSA, West Sussex Partners in Care, Healthwatch and the Outstanding society are all regular attendees and contributors helping us deliver an accessible and informative briefing to ensure providers questions are answered.

The Care and Business Support Team works in collaboration and partnership with service providers to develop good quality care and support services, encouraging continuous improvement within the social care market and working directly with registered managers to identify and agree areas of support and improvement.

Some of the work we undertake includes:

  • Providing support to services countywide sharing innovative/creative ideas and guidance to support best practice. 
  • Work with providers on specialist areas of Care Management. e.g., care planning, activities, mental capacity and safeguarding.
  • Work with people using services, their family, carers, and friends (when appropriate.)
  • Work with services providing support such as:
    • Advice/information and guidance.
    • Suggesting training and continuous professional development support
    • Signposting to appropriate resources – (contacts – websites – training – networks)
    • Work in parallel with the associated teams already working with services.
    • Works with providers on opportunities for business improvement and expansion.
    • Provides support to strengthen leadership and management.
    • Support with recruitment and retention initiatives, we work very closely with Proud to Care West Sussex.
    • Develop, promote, and facilitate projects/initiatives to support providers, such as the Champions network, Care home and Community engagement, Fire Safety and Big Care Event.  
    • Support to review current processes, policies, and procedures.
    • Support manager forums around the County.

We continue to contact all providers that have an outbreak to offer support and guidance, and escalate to emergency planning if required, and ensure the provider is following the guidance.

Our latest project has been supporting providers with the new legislation around Vaccination as a condition of deployment. As a team and a local authority, we are aware of the inordinate amount of pressure Managers and staff have been facing and we want to be able to reduce the stress/workload and anxiety as much as possible.

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