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Virtual Conference – August 2021

Thank you to Avnish Goyal, Chair, Care England for opening and closing our August event which has received such positive feedback. We were also inspired by our speakers:-

  • Sanjay Dhrona Director of the Close Care Home,
  • Ruth French, Operational Director, Stow Healthcare
  • Campbell Lyle, Director Woodcote Care
  • Jo Tuck, Healthwatch
  • Rob Hargreaves, Skills for Care.

We are looking forward to our September meeting, open to all providers on Thursday 16th September from 13:00-14:30pm. We are delighted to welcome our Keynote Speakers for the Event followed by discussion and a question-and-answer session, Rebecca Bauers, Head of Inspection for Adult Social Care, and Alison Murray, Head of Inspection London and Lead for Dementia Care.

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