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Using ASC-WDS to reflect on your organisation’s performance

by Eliza McConnell, Project Manager – Relationships and Engagement

The beginning of a new year is a time where many of us look ahead, think about our goals and start to shape our plans for the year.

Did you know that the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) offers a benchmarking tool which will help you put your performance into context? You can benchmark your workforce metrics against similar providers in your local area. The tool shows comparisons for pay rates, turnover, staff sickness and qualifications.

Some ASC-WDS users look at this information to help set objectives for their teams and monitor progress throughout the year.

“Another benefit is being able to benchmark against the rest of the sector and see what our figures look like in comparison to providers within our local authority. It’s a tough time for us all right now but having sight of how we compare is important in helping shape services at a more local level.”

The Outstanding Society member Kathryn Howitt from Horizon Care Services

ASC-WDS offers many other features and benefits for your organisation too. The below video highlights all the great things you can do in the service.

Your contributions are vital for ensuring the adult social care sector and the challenges it faces are understood by decision makers and stakeholders. This is particularly important as government, local authorities and sector bodies also revisit their plans for supporting the adult social care workforce this year.

Visit Skills for Care’s website to find out more or sign up for your ASC-WDS account.

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