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The Lantern Model : Cavendish (Professionals ) Homecare

Marie Cooper, Mairead Liston ( Reg Manager) & Professor Heather Richardson.

Following the successful piloting of the brand new international Lantern Model of nursing,  a celebratory day was recently held to recognize staff participation in this exciting project.

Registered Manager Mairead Liston welcomed all staff, stating:-  

“We are delighted to support this new initiative – we have witnessed increased demand for palliative, end of life and dementia care.  We must evolve our services to demonstrate our commitment to providing the very best in nursing  practice”

The Lantern Model is an exciting new contemporary model of palliative and end of life nursing – created by Professor Heather Richardson  (Joint CEO)  and Marie Cooper ( Project Lead for Celebrating Palliative Care in Nursing) St. Christopher’s Hospice.

It provides guidance for nurses in end-of-life care in any care setting – for the person and those close to them. What is different about this model is that is recognises the vital elements of nursing that make it both therapeutic and healing in nature. The model offers support so nurses can provide transformational care by deploying both the art and science of their profession, drawing on a range of personal pre-requisites. 

Both Professor Heather Ricardson and Marie  Cooper attended this event to speak about the model, whilst obtaining valuable feedback from staff prior to issuing certificates.

Professor Richardson commented:

“We are so pleased to connect with Cavendish Homecare about high quality nursing for people at the end of life. Cavendish’s aspirations for individualised, trustworthy and sensitive care highly resonates with the outcomes of the Lantern Model. We have much to learn from each other about creating the right nursing care around someone who is dying and their family and look forward to the kind of partnership that will enable this. Thank you, in the meantime for being courageous in picking up the model and finding ways to apply it to your work in a compassionate way. “

Nurses also sampled really useful draft self-assessment tools on their end of life knowledge, suitable for NMC revalidation use – all provided as part of the Lantern Model trial.

Nurses are in the unique position to make a huge difference to people who are dying and those close to them. Regardless of the value of a range of multi-disciplinary interventions, nurses are the most likely of people to be present in the period before, and at the time of death of one of their residents. Their input at this time should be an example of high-quality nursing – attentive, flexible and highly responsive to someone’s needs and wishes at a critical time in their life. This defines what nurses do best and why the Lantern Model is so suitable for all care settings.

Plans are now being devised by Cavendish (Professionals ) Homecare to utilise the Lantern Model ethos with both the inclusion of this in care staff  induction, and the development of a family post-death bereavement advice pack.

A range of interactive tools are being developed to help nurses access and apply the model  (available spring 2022)  –  We  urge nurses to become involved in this great project !

More details can be found via the website page:

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