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The Impact of the Charity on the Social Care Workforce.

by Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers’ Charity

Care workers in the UK look after some of the most vulnerable members of our society- their role is both rewarding and challenging. During the pandemic, care workers have put their lives at risk to care for our family members, our friends, and our loved ones.

The Care Workers’ Charity has over a decade of experience in giving out Crisis Grants to prevent care workers from falling into financial hardship. In providing these grants we know we change lives, providing a safety net for care workers who have nowhere else to turn. The devastating onset of Covid-19 necessitated the creation of a brand new grants stream, as those in social care struggled to adapt to the pandemic. In recognition of the pressure on an already stretched and fragmented workforce, we launched our Covid-19 Emergency Fund at the end of March 2020. Most recently, our Mental Health Support was introduced- providing free counselling through our partners at Red Umbrella, to address the trauma experienced by the social care workforce.

Our journey, and key achievements over the past twelve months are detailed in our 2020 Impact Report;

  • 2,864 Covid-19 Emergency Fund Grants awarded, with a total value of £1,981,858
  • 402 Crisis Grants awarded, with a total value of £285,37
  • 39 Funeral Grants awarded, with a total value of £64,945
  • the total value of all grants awarded during 2020 was £2.2 million- an increase of 1,150% in grant giving activities in 2020, compared to 2019.

The care workers we support with our financial grants use the money to; purchase essential white goods, to pay debt, rent and heating bills, to buy school uniforms for their children, and food for themselves and their families (among other essentials).  Their need is great, and The Care Workers’ Charity is proud to be there for them in times of crisis. One of our successful grant applicants last year was John, a support worker who faced financial crisis when he was tested positive for Covid-19;

“For the two weeks that I had to isolate, I was only entitled to SSP of £92 a week, which barely covered rent, never mind anything else. With this grant, I can actually now go food shopping and not have to rely on food banks. I really thought that care workers were the forgotten kind and then you guys turn up … I honestly cannot thank The Care Workers Charity enough.”

Over the past year, our platform has increased exponentially, as has the need for the assistance we provide. Just as the social care sector has shown incredible resilience in the face of the pandemic, so we will strive to continue to positively impact care workers throughout the UK who urgently need, and deserve, our support.

To help us reach even more social care workers in crisis donate through the link below;

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