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Sustainable heating for healthcare environments & residential care homes

Adequate heating is necessary in all types of care environment, from hospitals and dentists to physiotherapists and residential care homes. But, that doesn’t mean heating cannot be provided by more sustainable means, and this is where our selection of low carbon heating products come in.

Suitable for fitting during the construction phase, or for retrofitting into existing care homes, hospitals, and other care environments, they are concealed within the plastering or flooring. Therefore, they will not take up any unnecessary space allowing for better mobility in tight spaces for beds and wheelchairs. Keeping care environments feeling comfortable and warm via a sustainable source of natural, infrared heat, their energy consumption is so low that choosing them over more traditional forms of heating system can lower energy costs.

Heating from the ceiling negates the need for hot surfaces seen with other heating systems and meets the provisions of Article 38. With no convection roll, dust circulation can be kept at a minimum helping residents/patients with breathing issues.

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