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Sussex Care Association’s R&R Framework- Supporting the Wellbeing of our Registered Managers in Sussex

We are delighted to share what one Care Association is doing to support providers in Sussex. What an amazing project at a much needed time.

Juliet Smith – Project Manager SCARRF

Where did SCARRF originate?

The Sussex Care Association’s R&R framework (SCARRF) has been developed in recognition of the integral part you all play in adult social care and the impact that the last 18+months has had on you all and the Adult Social Care sector as a whole. The support you have been asked to provide to both your staff teams and those in your care has been extraordinary and often at the expense of your own wellbeing.  SCARRF wants to highlight that your wellbeing, as a unique group of leaders,  is essential to a well led and supported service. Modelling good wellbeing practice creates that ‘culture of care’ we are all looking for and it starts with you.
What can SCARRF offer?
The programme runs for 9 months and includes several layers.  There is a weekly 1:1 opportunity to meet remotely with another sector professional. We hope this will provide a much-needed opportunity to discuss and reframe the week and feel listened to and supported in that moment by someone who understands the pressures and expectations you carry.
We also have our SCARRF Registered Manager Mentoring Hubs starting in December and continuing throughout 2022. As part of our programme, we are connecting small groups of managers on a fortnightly basis so they can share their skills with others, creating a longer-term support framework in Sussex. These will be facilitated groups in the first instance and the hope is that these will continue beyond the life of the SCARRF project. These can be joined at any time throughout the programme.
Further details:
SCARRF hosted their first wellness webinar this month, and this can now be viewed anytime at We have another next week that focuses on wellbeing over the festive season.
Our primary aim is to put a focus on you and all you do and to recognise how important you are. As sector professionals we want to support each other and to promote Health and Social Care across Sussex.  
For information on anything SCARRF has to offer contact via:
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