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Sanjay Dhrona – explains how The Close Care Home viewed the Safe KLOE.

At The Close, when we approached our Safe working practices we wanted to ensure that had a very holistic and realistic view of what Safe meant above and beyond the CQC definitions. More over it meant measuring every decision, policy and procedure as well as working practices and even our company culture by our own definition of what safe meant to us a well as our values, mission and vision.

We access and measure risk, and take measures to facilitate liberty and choice and even if there is risk present, we do what we can to limit risk and not the residents life choices. Its important to then measure and qualify where risks were taken and most critically evidence the positive impact the services choices and decisions have had on the  residents quality of life.  We found the regulator responded very well to our way of questioning the risk vs benefit.

MISTAKES WILL HAPPEN, it is important to understand that. What will have an impact on your ratings is how you will handle and respond to SOVA, complaints, mistakes etc. We all advocate candour, openness, transparency.

It is important that your teams are aware of this and how they feel that you as a service or provider respond to them. The more openness with your teams, the residents, their stakeholders and medical and visiting professionals, as well as collaborative working you can display and evidence the better.

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