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Putting the CHA in cha-cha-cha……

In 2022 we are thrilled once again to be presenting a much deserved award on the 1st July in London.

The Outstanding Society has felt privileged to be judges for the Care Home Awards for the past 6 years. It is an honour to read the nominations and help to share and celebrate best practice at the wonderful awards.

Be proud of what you do, what better way to thank your teams by nominating them for an award.

“Strictly” is very much in people’s minds at the moment. It’s a programme that brings a lot of brightness into viewers’ lives and lays down challenges year after year for the stars of the show.

The Care Home Awards (CHA) have been doing much the same for six years in the care sector: laying down the challenge for care homes of presenting their cases, category by category, for the judges. Every year there are surprising winners who raise the standards bar in care homes and grab the attention of both the judges and the wider business of care.

The Care Home Awards are open for entries once again and the first entry arrived on November 30 from one of the UK’s CQC Outstanding-rated care home companies, Berkley Care Group. January 31 is the closing date for entries, so please make a note on your dance card!

In 2021, the number of entries was another record and Helen Warrilow, commercial director of CHA, has high hopes for the 2022 entries:

“We’ve had more enquiries than ever about the Awards and the most exciting thing is that they are from care home companies that have not entered before. This suggests strongly that we will have another record year for the Awards and we can look forward to a great celebration of the Winners and High Commendations on July 1 at the Royal Garden Hotel – the venue where the Awards first took place in 2017.”

Full information about the Awards can be found on the website ( or you can reach Helen Warrilow by email if you have any questions about entering, the judging or the Awards’ event on July 1, 2022.

Now, are you ready to cha-cha-cha in 2022?

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