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Prepare for an inspection with Altura Learning

As an exclusive offer for The Outstanding Society members, one of our national partners, Altura Learning, is delighted to share a free online training video on the vital subject of ‘Preparing for an Inspection’.

Regulation being complex and often an opaque environment, ‘Preparing for an Inspection’ helps teams understand the technical content in an accessible, engaging video format. Our training content includes a Quality Monitoring Toolkit developed by Altura Learning and will cover the common inspection types in care home settings and how to identify effective strategies to prepare all members of the team for inspection. Your employees will learn about their role in an inspection and ultimately help create improvements instigated by findings from the inspection itself.

Explore our course ‘Preparing for an Inspection‘ for FREE this month.

As well as being a partner of The Outstanding Society Altura Learning is a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence and a leading provider of specialised, CPD accredited social care online learning. Our unique approach uses fit for purpose video based courses that engage your employees – with one care provider’s staff completing 25,000 hours of additional voluntary training, over and above what they had asked them to do. 

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