Social Care Nursing Advisory Councils

The Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care, Deborah Sturdy, is working with colleagues at NHS England and across all 42 local Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) in England, to establish social care nursing advisory councils. The purpose of these councils is to help provide a better understanding of nursing in adult social care, as well as insight into the wider adult social care sector, to Directors of Nursing in ICBs. This is an exciting opportunity for nurses working in adult social care to inform local understanding and recognition of their profession and the wider sector. The Florence Nightingale Foundation in partnership with Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care offered a bespoke development programme for all those selected to be chairs of all 42 social care SDMCs across England.


“The launch of social care nursing advisory councils across England was an exciting moment for our profession. These forums now act as touchstones for every ICB (Integrated Care Board) nurse, making sure social care nursing and the wider workforce are included in the development of nursing plans across all health and care settings. These peer advisory groups bring a wealth of experience, insight and expertise to the table, better informing the development of nursing practice, system-wide.”

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