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Message from Nuno, CEO and Founder of Nourish Care


I wanted to share some very exciting news with you, our valued client and customer of Nourish Care. We are seeing our business mature with our fast growing customer base, and are looking to continue the company’s journey to develop our best-in-class platform and to find innovative ways to use data to improve care outcomes. 

As with most companies in this position, we considered our strategic options and decided to look for a financial partner to help us grow – we wanted a partner who shares our values and ambition and truly understands Nourish as an organisation. 

And today I have the pleasure to announce that there is such a partner.  

As of March 2022 Nourish is entering into a new partnership with Livingbridge, a private equity firm with 20+ years of experience in social care, healthcare and technology. This will accelerate our journey to becoming an even more successful business, and increase our ability to deliver high quality products and services to the care sector. Livingbridge will provide Nourish with the support to fully realise our mission of improving the lives of those in care, and empowering those who support them. 

I founded Nourish with the aspiration to deliver positive impact at scale in social care – our values are at the core of all we do, how we behave and support our clients through our products and services, how we attract new colleagues and choose our partners. Livingbridge has a very strong track record of supporting the growth of social care and technology businesses and the alignment of values between Nourish and Livingbridge is fantastic. We are very excited to have Livingbridge with us for the next stage of our journey. 

I, along with the Nourish leadership team are excited about what this means for our clients – a continued evolution focused on empowering care teams across the entire sector, in the high quality manner that you have come to expect from Nourish.  

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via our online support team or your Account Manager. 

Best wishes,       Nuno Almeida

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