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Meet Lucy Gillespie: Skills for Care project manager for nursing.

Lucy Gillespie is a registered nurse and the new Project Manager for the Regulated Professional Workforce at Skills for Care. In her new role Lucy will lead on a portfolio of work to highlight opportunities and raise the profile of nurses in adult social care.

Lucy will be joining the panel for our next virtual meeting in June – celebrating nursing in social care.

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Lucy tells us a bit more about herself.

My first degree was a BSc in Criminology and upon graduating I searched for roles where I could put my learning into practice. I realised I felt unprepared for the reality of working in services with people who were vulnerable and often with limited support.

In an attempt to find something that met my desire to help and support people I started working in a care home for older people. Here I felt I had found my place and thrived on the relationships I built with people and their families. I stayed in this role for 18 months and during this time progressed to senior care assistant and supported the opening of a sister home as the provider expanded.

I also applied for a nursing course and successfully graduated with a nursing diploma in 2002. Throughout my training I worked in a residential home for people with a learning disability and learned about supporting people to live happily and healthily and make personalised choices about things that would fulfill them.

My registered nursing experience has been mainly in the NHS working in a large acute hospital trust across a variety of clinical specialties, such as surgery, acute admissions, and medicine, before moving into nurse education in 2015 to support newly registered nurses.

Since moving into education, my work has been focused on supporting the nursing workforce with recruitment and retention roles including international recruitment and return to practice. I have a passion for nursing across the profession and I truly believe that we must loudly articulate the value of the nursing role and its impact on experience and outcomes for the people we care for. Nursing is a place for innovation, it is always ambitious and always seeking to improve.

Last year I gained a fellowship with the National Nursing Team at Health Education England (HEE). I felt I had climbed a very long ladder and had an opportunity to peer over the wall into a vast landscape of health and social care. It captivated me – so many opportunities where nurses could influence, it was fitting therefore to move into this role and connect back into my roots in social care.

My work over the next twelve months will contribute to ongoing activity to raise the profile of nursing in social care. Skills for Care’s bulletin ‘We Are Social Care Nurses’ shouts loudly and clearly about nursing work across social care to the whole system. We’re keen to build engagement both in contribution of content but also dispersal across wider stakeholders.

I’m very excited to be taking on this next journey in my career and look forward to helping to shape and influence the sector with our social care nurses.

You can sign up for the bulletin at  

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