LifeVac Europe are a family operated business, with distributors across the UK and EMEA. We work closely with the care sector in the UK, having worked with and equipped 1000’s of care and nursing homes across the UK, from small independent providers to the largest in the UK, HC-One. During this privilege we have helped save hundreds of lives in a choking emergency when all other methods have failed and helped many providers raise their standards of care. Casualties have been sitting (wheelchair), standing and laying down. We support care providers at the very beginning, from implementation and face to face/free e-learning training to replacing used LifeVac devices free of charge.

LifeVac is a non-invasive airway clearance device, with two sonic welded discs for interchangeable sized masks and a patented one-way valve. This means when applied no air can be forced downward, only generating one way suction when pulled. Being non-invasive means there are no tubes protruding from LifeVac, risking pushing the obstruction or tongue back in a panic situation. LifeVac is FDA, MHRA registered, and CE marked. We are proud to have been medically proven to be the most effective, safest and easiest to use ACD in the world, back by multiple independent peer reviewed medical publications covering lives saved, independent testing, ease of use, safety and effectiveness.

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