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Learn to better care for those living with a mental health condition. 

As an exclusive offer for The Outstanding Society members, Altura Learning is delighted to share a free online training video sample focused on the vital subject of ‘Mental Health: Living with a condition’.

Identifying long-term mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, in residents or clients, whilst maintaining personal safety is crucial for carers. This course explains the signs and symptoms of specific mental health conditions to look out for and how to manage care for those who live with these conditions, especially for those in the challenging role of caring for people with specific needs related to their mental health difficulties, so this course not only educates individuals about these diseases but also teaches them how best to manage such clients.

Check out one of Altura Learning’s course videos for FREE here – only available for a limited period.

At Altura Learning, we are passionate about delivering top-quality, evidenced-based, and up-to-date online learning solutions for the social care sector. Our video-led content is truly engaging – with one operator’s workforce completing more than 25,000 hours of additional voluntary training, over and above what they had asked them to do. Our expert teams have first-hand knowledge of residential and home care settings, with our videos filmed in-setting to ensure maximum accuracy and authenticity. A recognised Skills for Care ‘Centre of Excellence’, we have a fantastic track record of supporting providers to achieve ‘Outstanding’ ratings and our courses provide all the content required by the Care Quality Commission, the Care Inspectorate Scotland, and the Care Inspectorate Wales.

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