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Introducing Finger Food Bites a world first in dementia dining!


Catering for dementia residents is highly complex.  It takes time to manage mealtimes, allergies, specialist dietary requirements whilst giving support to those residents experiencing co-ordination difficulties, and importantly in the ongoing design of a nutritious, balanced, and appetising menu.

Mealtimes can be a real challenge for care homes in delivering a quality dining experience for those living with the condition.  Residents can lose concentration, forget to eat and drink, and struggle to use cutlery or cups.  The resulting potential loss of nutrition is also a factor for concern.

It’s for this reason that expert meals provider, apetito, which partners with over 600 care homes across the nation and has over 60 years’ experience in making mealtimes matter in health and social care, has this month launched Finger Food Bites – a new range that helps care homes provide a positive, inclusive, dining experience for patients who are living with dementia. 

For the first time, those living with dementia and co-ordination difficulties can feed themselves nutritionally balanced meals in one bite without having to struggle to pick up cutlery.  Finger Foods Bites allow residents the freedom to pick up and put down a complete hot meal with no mess and with minimal residue left on fingers.  Furthermore, they can be enjoyed whilst sitting down, or if a resident is ‘on the move’. 

The range features 11 dishes of Finger Food Bites with meals including Chicken and Mushroom Bake, Salmon Supreme, and great variety provided by classic finger foods such as Pork Meatballs, Fish Goujons, Sausage Casserole and Veggie Bolognaise.

If you would like to find out more about the Finger Foods Bites range, go to or email

apetito will also be exhibiting at the NEC’s Care Show on the 13th – 14th October, where you can come and take part in an immersive dinging experience, highlighting the benefits of Finger Food Bites for those living with dementia.

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