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How the Care Workers Charity Has Helped

The work that the Care Workers Charity Does is a life line to so many…………… is a case study and below August and September’s figures.

Miss B’s Story

We received a referral through one of our contacts, saying they had taken a call from a very distressed care worker, Miss B,  who was about to be evicted. Miss B comes from Europe and has been working in the UK for some time in the residential care sector.  She had asked her manager for an advance on her pay but been told this was not possible. She was living in a hostel and had asked friends and family if they could loan her some money to pay her rent, but nobody was able to help.

A member of the Grants Team called Miss B and talked through her situation, and helped her to go online and complete an application form for a Crisis Grant, and then talked her through the evidence she would need to submit with her claim, including a letter of support from her employer.

Miss B told us she had been trying to get out of the hostel and to find somewhere nicer to live in a shared house or similar.  However, in order to do that she would need to have financial stability and to be able to guarantee that she could keep rental payments up.  This wasn’t possible due to her current financial situation.

The Grants Team discussed the case and decided on the best course of action; a £500 grant to remove the immediate threat of eviction, support with finding alternative accommodation and once that had been found, the second part of the grant to pay for the room deposit.

The team contacted the local authority to see if they have a no-guarantor room rental scheme, and once it was confirmed that they did, set up a call with one of the local authority staff and the care worker.

The team also asked their contacts who live in the local area whether they knew of any accommodation which would be appropriate.

The team will continue to work with Miss B once she is in a position to move out of the hostel and into a room locally.

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