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Have you used the ‘Feed back’ feature on the CQC’s website?

Alan Fry
Executive Administrator
The Outstanding Society

As the country begins to emerge from the restrictions placed on the public, those who work in Social Care find themselves continuing to make difficult decisions to ensure people in their care (and the hard working, dedicated staff) remain protected from COVID-19.

Whilst relatives and friends of people you care for may tell you how grateful they are – have you ever asked them to submit their positive feedback to the CQC?

I am sure many of you have systems in place to capture positive feedback but are you aware that you could ask people who use your services and relatives to do this directly on the CQC’s website?

The easiest way we found is to email the link to your services’ page on the CQC website and ask the relatives and friends to click on the ‘Give Feed-back on this service’ link – see image below

Whilst everyone in Social Care continues to work incredibly hard, why not ask people who have taken the time to email / write positive comments to submit feedback to the CQC in this way? – after all these comments will form part of your next inspection and will mean so much to your team – what a better way for people to say thank you than doing it through the CQC.

Maybe introduce the link into regular email communications to encourage more feedback – Zoe will discuss this further at our August event. Click here to register.

If you would like any assistance with this process, please contact me and I would be happy to help.

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