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The study is building on work during the Covid-19 pandemic, where information was gathered to help change government policies in the UK, as well as other measures.

The study will help to guide policy and treatment options to be more” fit for purpose” and specific to care home residents, helping to protect residents from infections and keeping care homes open to visits

From residents, the Vivaldi Social Care study is only collecting NHS numbers. This information will be supplied directly by the companies that provide digital care records to care homes, who have a lot of experience of keeping data safe and secure. 

Care homes will also provide their unique CQC location ID alongside the date on which the information was collected.

Yes. We are taking declarations of interest from all care home providers at the moment and would love to hear from you by filling in this form.

Phase 1 of the study will only be recruiting those care homes that use Person Centred Software (PCS) and Nourish digital care record suppliers. Phase 2 will be opening up to all digital providers, we foresee this being within 12 month. Currently, we are unable to process data from providers who keep strictly paper-based care records.

Ask your care home manager to fill in this form to register their interest in taking part in the Vivaldi Social Care study.

If your home is using either Person Centred Software or Nourish as one of it’s digital care record providers, you may well be included in phase 1 of the study!

Residents NHS numbers are sent to the NHS.

Once received, these numbers are changed.

This process is called pseudonymisation.

This is to further protect the personal information of the residents taking part in the study. It means that the researchers and analysts looking at the information cannot possibly see any other personal information about residents.   

There are 2 ways of opting out of Vivaldi:

  1. By speaking to or contacting in another way (e.g. email) a member of your care home staff, anyone will do. They can act on your choice to opt-out of sharing data with the study.
  2. By completing the NHS National Data Opt-Out ( This option extends beyond Vivaldi to other NHS services.


Residents can opt-out at any time, even after the study has started collecting information. However, any information already collected  cannot be erased.

No. Once the information has been sent, it is automatically psudonymised.

This means that there is no way of knowing that the information belonged to you in the first place, as it appears purely as data for the researchers. There is no way of undoing this.

Your NHS Number. That is all. Once they have your NHS number, they know that you live in a care home.

This is the best way of accurately working out who lives in a care home and has not been possible before this study.

Your NHS number will be converted to a different ID number that can be used to find you in other datasets that are already collected and held by the NHS.

The NHS is already using these data for a range of purposes, however until Vivaldi Social Care, it has not been possible to reliably attribute individuals to care homes and find out how much infection is going on in these settings.

No. No information apart from the residents’ NHS number will be shared with the Vivaldi Social Care Study team.

There is no need to change any of your processes around care planning or note taking to accommodate this within your care home.

Until now, the NHS, national public health bodies and government policy-makers  had no reliable way of knowing which individuals live in a care home.

This means that the information they hold and use to guide policies and treatments often includes  other people not living in a care home .

That can make it difficult to see the ways in which we can help care home residents and their families as the information is not accurate and may not specifically apply to them.

Vivaldi will change this, allowing policies and treatments provided by the NHS to be specifically tailored to residents in care homes.

No. Completing the National Data Opt-out automatically withdraws you from the Vivaldi Social Care study.

It is a joint venture between University College London, Care England and The Outstanding Society.

The unique way in which this project is being led means that for the first time, residents, relatives and care providers all have a say in the way that information is collected and used by researchers and policy makers.

Vivaldi is being led by the social care sector. The three organisations are dedicated to hearing first hand from the sector on what needs to be studied. To this end, we have created the Adult Social Care Engagement Collective (more information can be found here). If you would be interested in taking being a part of this group, please email [email protected].

The study will start with Flu, urine infections, diarrhoea and vomiting bugs.

We will be gathering opinions from residents, relatives and care providers to help guide future study areas.   

Yes, There is a whole section of the Vivaldi Social Care website dedicated to celebrating participating care homes – here.

We will also send you a certificate to display within your care home and on your website.

In the first instance, enrolling all the residents will involve discussing with them individually to provide information about the study and gain their consent to take part.

Once all current residents have been enrolled/opted-out, a description of the study will become part of the admissions process.

We are very aware that life in a care home can be very busy! That’s why we’ve made the process for collecting residents information as simple as possible.

Once residents have been informed about the study (either at admission or during initial sign up) the information will be sent to the NHS daily without the need for any further input from care home staff.

Full training will be provided to the care home Vivaldi Leads regarding the specific software providers and how to set the system up.

Yes. Free training will be provided to the care home Vivaldi Leads. The Vivaldi leads are representatives within the home who will be responsible for training all the staff about the study and in particular, the opt-out process/procedure.

The training will be approximately 1.5 hours long and will include ample time for any specific questions that you might like answered regarding your service provision.

Yes, any member of the care home team is welcome to attend the free training.

We just need to know their name and email address to be able to send them an invite.


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