Care Insights with The Outstanding Society, launched its inaugural episode in October 2022, featuring guests from the Social Care sector who collaborate with us to share and celebrate best practices, as well as to champion career opportunities within our industry.

Tune in to hear fresh insights from SCNACs chairs and influential figures in social care and beyond. Hosted by The Outstanding Society, the podcast delves into the councils’ evolution, discusses national and local priorities, and explores a shared vision for the future of adult social care.

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#CRED Talks:

Care, Research, Education and Debate:


A forum to discuss what matters for social care.


#CRED talks were launched in 2022 by Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care, colleagues from universities and the National Institute of Health & Care Research (NIHR).


#CRED Talks is a platform for staff working in social care to access research findings of direct relevance to their everyday work and learn how to get involved in research.


The Outstanding Society would like to expand the reach of the work through the creation of this podcast channel, with the aim of disseminating valuable insights about research throughout the sector.

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