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Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

by Nada Wakeford – Project manager for DSPT Sussex

During the COVID 19 crisis the NHS encouraged care providers to sign up to NHS Mail and this has resulted in much more streamlined sharing of records and data.  Some of you have already benefited from proxy access, enabling you to manage your residents’ repeat medications on line.

The NHS does not want to lose what we have gained and it wants to further expand the data and systems that it can share with Adult Social Care. This is where the Digital Safety and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) comes in. 

The DSPT is an on-line self-assessment toolkit which covers all areas of GDPR compliance that you as a Care Provider are required to implement, such as having up to date policies and ICO registration, ensuring you are operating within the law. It is also a contractual requirement to work with CCG’s and some Local Authorities. It is looked upon favourably by CQC (KLOE W2.8 and C3.3).

Your local care associations have been awarded a grant by NHS X to provide free support to help you with completing your DSPT.

 If you need support to complete  the Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT), contact your care association for further details and information about the free webinars and interactive workshops they are running.  

Alternatively, at a national level, Digital Social Care website has a lot of online resources and templates you can access. They are also delivering a series of webinars to give you more information about the DSPT.

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