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Congratulations to Penrose Care.

Another provider who received an Outstanding rating in March 2022 was Penrose Care Limited

Here is the summary of the CQC report. Click here to download the full report.

About the service
Penrose Care Ltd is a domiciliary care service that provides personal care and support to older people in
their own homes in and around North London. People receiving a service included those with physical
disabilities, and health issues relating to the progression of age. At the time of this inspection the service was providing a service to 12 people out of which seven people received the regulated activity of personal care.

People’s experience of using this service and what we found Penrose Care was a small service embedded in the community in North London. The service had a well defined ethos to remain small and provide holistic and highly personalised care. The most characteristic of the service was that the support they offered met people’s specific needs and enabled them to live their lives as comfortable as possible despite the need for care and support. The service’s commitment to improving people’s lives led to their families being overjoyed with the care. This was because the highly effective and responsive care led to improvements in people’s wellbeing in ways families wanted but never expected.

The services strong ethical stand exceeded toward their staff. The service provided the staff team that was
suitably paid, well trained, supported and motivated to do their best. The “No Problem” approach meant
that the service was very adaptable and dealt with arising issues efficiently and easily. The service empowered staff to sort things out and go the extra mile to ensure people receive their needed care.

Stakeholders, including people using the service, their relatives, local community members, and external
health and social care professionals, gave consistently positive feedback about this service. They described the service as very well run, passionate about supporting people, and highly responsive to people’s needs.

They described staff as intelligent, well trained and having an exceptional level of commitment to facilitating people’s improvement. They gave us numerous examples of how staff commitment to providing a high standard of care and readiness to go the extra mile contributed to the wellbeing of their relatives improving.

Staff had an in-depth knowledge of people’s needs which they achieved through extended induction every time they started supporting a new person. The same small group of care staff supported each person. This helped to develop a trusting and friendly relationship between people and staff. People’s care plans were comprehensive and provided staff with detailed information on risks, needs and preferences related to people’s care.

Staff proactively sought continuous professional development to ensure they knew how to best support
people. The staff promptly sought support and liaised with other health and social care professionals when needed. As a result, staff safely and effectively met people’s needs.

The provider regularly consulted people about their views of the service. People and family members
confirmed that they were fully involved in planning people’s care and that staff promptly acted on any changes to the support needs. They told us that this readiness to respond to emerging needs gave people and relatives additional comfort and reassurance that the service could meet people’s needs.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice.

The provider was passionate about ensuring that they suitably rewarded staff employed at the service for
their continuous contribution to improving people’s wellbeing. They provided staff with the necessary and
additional benefits, not common in similar services, such as, medical insurance, safe transport home to and from work and full-time employment contracts. Staff confirmed this had contributed to their wellbeing and work satisfaction. They described the managers at Penrose as always exceptionally supporting and caring.

The provider’s contribution to the quality of life of people using the service and the local community was
outstanding. They initiated, funded, and carried out a range of initiatives within the local community to
ensure the quality of life for people’s families and other local community members improved. This was
especially observable during the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, the service started an alfresco dining
initiative called “Streatery” and delivered PPE resources to other health services at the start of the

The registered manager monitored the quality of people’s care and support provided by Penrose Care.

They have stayed in regular contact with all people who used the service and their families and staff to ensure people were happy with the service received and that staff had everything they needed to provide a high standard of care.

The service had effective processes and procedures in place, which helped ensure the service met all the
Health and Social Care Regulations.

Staff received appropriate training and induction to ensure they safeguarded people from harm and that the care they provided was effective. The recruitment procedures were safe, and the provider ensured that only suitable staff supported people. We were assured that the service followed current guidelines on infection control and Covid-19 risk reduction measures. The provider had a range of effective quality monitoring systems that helped to ensure the continuous provision of ethical and high-quality care. Any shortfalls in the care provision were quickly spotted and addressed.

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