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Congratulations to all at Fewcott House

The Outstanding Society would like to congratulate Gabriela and the team at Fewcott House Nursing Home for sustaining and achieving another Outstanding Rating from the CQC published in December 2021

“Fewcott House Nursing Home is a residential care home providing personal and nursing care to 30 older people at the time of the inspection. The service can support up to 40 people.

People’s experience of using this service and what we found

People were truly respected and valued as individuals and were the heart of the service. Staff were clearly committed and compassionate, striving to provide excellent care at all times. The registered manager had developed an open, transparent and person centred culture that was driven by a motivated and committed staff team. This motivation resulted in a whole team who were totally supportive and dedicated to providing high quality, individualised care. The staff team told us they were truly valued and respected. Staff were skilled, motivated and knowledgeable. People received exceptionally personalised care and support which met their needs, reflected their preferences and promoted their self-worth. The provider upheld people’s human rights.

The service worked very closely with healthcare professionals and provided excellent end of life care. People experienced a comfortable, dignified and pain-free death. Management had undertaken training on the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) programme on End of Life Care. This framework enables earlier recognition of patients with life-limiting conditions, helping them to plan ahead to live as well as possible right to the end. The service had been awarded the Gold standard. Staff had the specific skills to understand and meet the needs of people and their families in relation to emotional support and the practical assistance they needed at the end of the person’s life. Records showed staff had attended end of life care training. Staff told us they were supported by the management team with empathy and understanding.

The service was exceptionally well-led. The provider and the registered manager were clear about their expectations relating to how the service should be provided and led by example. The registered manager demonstrated how their open and listening management style and robust quality assurance systems had sustained continual development and improvement at the service. They were supported by the provider who was passionate about providing people with high quality care and supported staff fully to enable them to deliver this. The provider and registered manager had developed and maintained, through the pandemic, positive links with the community which benefited those living in the service. There was a strong commitment from the provider and management team to ensure there was equality and inclusion across the staff team. Staff were highly satisfied working in the service.

People and relatives told us staff were extremely caring. Staff did all they could to promote people’s independence and we saw examples of this. People received highly effective personalised care, tailored to their individual needs and preferences, and staff supported people and their relatives to be involved with decisions relating to their care. People’s privacy and dignity was upheld through the approaches taken by staff as well as in relation to the care environment.

Staff knew how to identify and report any concerns. The provider had safe recruitment and selection processes in place which incorporated their values.

Risks to people’s safety and well-being were managed through a risk management process. There were sufficient staff deployed to meet people’s needs. Medicines were managed safely, and people received their medicines as prescribed.

People were supported to meet their nutritional needs and complimented the food at the home. People had a pleasant well-presented dining experience which offered a variety of appetising food choices available at times that suite people’s preferences. Staff supported people to maintain food and fluid intakes, including, through the use of snacks, and making people hot drinks to help them relax and maintain their comfort.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. Staff had a particularly good understanding of when the principles of the Mental Capacity Act should be applied. People were supported to meet their nutritional needs and complimented the food at the home.

Rating at last inspection

The last rating for this service was Outstanding. Published 5 October 2019.

Why we inspected

We undertook this inspection as part of a random selection of services rated Good and Outstanding to test the reliability of our new monitoring approach.

We looked at infection prevention and control measures under the safe key question. We look at this in all care home inspections even if no concerns or risks have been identified. This is to provide assurance that the service can respond to COVID-19 and other infection outbreaks effectively.”

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