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Congratulations Ruth French – Stow Healthcare

A huge congratulations to Ruth French, Director, Stow Healthcare for winning the Rising Star Award. Here is what Ruth had to say following the event!

Making your Star Rise

Social care’s voice has become progressively louder in the last 18 months.  Many of you will have played your part in that – by talking to the local or national media, writing letters to politicians, starting petitions on subjects you feel passionate about in social care, or supporting each other through informal or formal manager and provider networks.  I challenged my own fears this year by starting to do live radio interviews and even came out on top in a sparring match with Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio!  Some of you will have found a strength and voice you didn’t really know you had before – your star has begun to rise!

It is critical that all of us in social care harness the power that this voice can give our sector.  That is why I was blown away to be named as Rising Star in the 2021 Laing Buisson awards!  To be on that stage, in front of 1000 people, as a young (ish!) woman representing all of us in social care felt like a pretty monumental achievement.

Nominated by my colleagues for the work I had done around workforce safety and wellbeing, plus taking on some ambitious strategic projects in 2021, it was brilliant and slightly scary to see so many other talented finalists in the Rising Star category.  To hear my name being called out was surreal – what a privilege to win this prestigious category!

I have been proud to be part of the Outstanding Society for several years now, their support and passion has helped me in my quest to carry on acquiring and turning around the poorest care homes into homes that sing with life and laughter.

The OS has helped my find my voice, my confidence, and my ambition to continue to make waves in social care, disrupt the norm and learn from the very best in our sector.  What will you do in 2022 to make your star rise?

About Ruth French

Ruth is Operation Director for Stow Healthcare, a family run group of award winning care homes. Ruth has overseen the expansion of the company which is renowned for its ability to acquire and turnaround failed services. Ruth leads work on compliance and was awarded the prestigious title of Rising Star in the 2021 Laing Buisson awards. She also led Stow Healthcare to achieve the title of Care Provider of the Year in 2019 and 2020. She specialises in change management.

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