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Celebrating Best Practice from WSPIC & RCA

We wanted to share some examples of best practice from some of our Care Associations across the UK.

West Sussex Partners in Care and East Sussex RCA were awarded funding to provide the following much needed project for the managers across Sussex. What an amazing initiative.

Juliet Smith, Project Manager tells us more: Sussex Care Association’s R&R Framework (SCARRF), is an initiative to promote and support the work done by Registered Managers working in Adult Social Care across Sussex.

No one should underestimate the effects of the last couple of years on our industry, but we know that some of the issues faced have been there for a while and were just polarised by the pandemic. As we take a cautious dip into February 2022, with some optimism, we’d like to tell you a little about SCARRF plans for phase 2 of our programme.

We really want to offer something that will make Social Care managers feel valued and cared for. Please promote the service across Sussex to anyone you feel it would be useful to. There are layers to the offer and individuals can choose the parts most relevant to them.

1:1 RM Support 
These are 1:1 sessions giving managers an opportunity to meet and discuss some of the issues they are facing with another colleague. This is protected time to reflect on practice and to discuss the impact that such an important role has on us as all as professionals. These sessions can offer practical and focused social care support as well as the chance to reframe and restructure the experiences we are all facing and may need to workshop. 
Registered Manager Mentor Hubs
These meet weekly on a Thursday and connect managers from across Sussex working in domiciliary, nursing and home care. This is a chance to catch-up with colleagues in a small group,  to connect and discuss some of the issues that everyone is facing. They turn into wonderful opportunities to highlight good practice, but also to laugh a little about shared challenges.
Bespoke R&R Training Package & Peer Support Opportunity
SCARRF realise that no one is better equipped than managers to support, advise and lead others, but to do this in the aftermath of the last couple of years they may need some R&R themselves. This short training programme is designed to offer an expresso sized burst of inspiration and recognition of the inspirational work they all do in Social Care. Hopefully, they can then radiate this out to both their immediate teams and other Registered Managers who may need a little extra time and understanding to move forwards. Our project aim is to create a hub of 40+ social care RMs working across Sussex who can model the very best wellbeing practice across our region.

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