VIVALDI Care Home Study

VIVALDI – Reducing infections and improving lives.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people living, visiting, and working in care homes, while also reducing the risk of infections and avoiding hospital admissions. We endeavour to achieve this through the VIVALDI study that utilises existing data, with minimal input required from care home providers.”

What is VIVALDI Social Care Project?

What is VIVALDI Social Care?
Dynamic Research led by social care for social care.

Why VIVALDI is important and why we need more research in care homes?
Research = Learning = Development which enables us to plan ahead, with knowledge and assurance.

Research provides evidence which will empower the sector to drive positive change.  It will also help to put the care sector in the driving seat when it comes to decision making.

How will the data be used?

Care Home Visits

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March 2023Glentworth House Nursing Home
January 2023The Close Care Home
November 2022Ashdene Care Home
May & September 2022Lansdowne Care Home
November 2021Eastbourne Care Home
The VIVALDI study showed what could be done when researchers and care homes worked together, informing national responses to COVID-19.

If we can do this kind of work during a pandemic, imagine what could be achieved if we adopted the same approach for other common infections, like flu or norovirus.

We want to challenge the view that infections and outbreaks are simply an inevitable part of living in a care home, by delivering research and surveillance that tackles all kinds of infections.  
The Vivaldi project really shows the benefit of care homes being involved in research.

Vivaldi delivered changes in policy and practice that were driven by the experiences of care homes. For one of the first times in our recent history, we had a policy agenda that was dictated by what worked for the care homes during a global pandemic.

Vivaldi has clearly shown the power of care homes coming together with researchers to define the best practice for both residents and staff.
The VIVALDI study was such a significant milestone for Social Care to use research and surveillance to inform best practice to improve the lives of residents and teams within Care Homes.

The OS are delighted to work with UCL and Care England to continue using evidence obtained within Social Care to reduce the impact of infections for the Care Home Community, not only for the physical wellbeing of residents, teams and visitors but their mental wellbeing too.

The VIVALDI study demonstrates the power of data within social care in enabling research that enhances the insights we can gather from aged care.

VIVALDI is making waves in better understanding the risks and impact of infections in care homes, meaning we can draw meaningful actions to reduce the impact on care providers, but more importantly improve the lives of those within our care. PainChek is pleased to be supporting this initiative and looks forward to seeing it develop further as more organisations understand the benefit of social care research.

Tandeep Gill, PainChek

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