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apetito is the leading expert in serving nutritious, delicious care home meals for older people. All our meals are packed with quality ingredients and are created by our talented in-house chefs and dietitian to guarantee that they are as delicious as they are nourishing.

Why Us

We pride ourselves on being innovative within the care industry, focusing on creating outstanding food and resident dining experiences. We are particularly proud of our award-winning Texture Modified range with dishes that look and taste as appetising as the original whilst being in line with IDDSI standards.

We have also developed a dementia-friendly pop-up restaurant designed to bring to life simple ways to allow those residents living with dementia to get the most out of their dining experience.

We know how important food is to us all and we strive to support our partners to empower their residents to be actively involved in mealtimes, ensuring that everyone has dignity in dining.

We are proud to be more than just a food provider; with every care home partnering with us receiving a dedicated Account Manager who will tailor the partnership to fit with your needs, offering support whenever it is needed. Your Account Manager will offer training and support for events, in addition to helping you create bespoke menus that are backed up by a complete nutritional breakdown, allowing your residents and your team to make informed decisions at every mealtime.

Find out more on how we could support your care home on our website.

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