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Apetito Round up and Offer to Providers

Amelia Draffin

2021 has been a challenging year for the care sector but we are proud to have supported our partners, new and old to deliver an outstanding dining experience with exceptional food and nutrition whilst also saving them time and money.

We also successfully launched a world first in dementia dining with our brand-new range, Finger Food Bites. With an average of 69% of those in care homes living with dementia, we have created a range that allows people living with dementia or coordination difficulties to dine with dignity. Each Finger Food meal is nutritionally balanced and easy to cook, plate and serve, allowing residents to regain their independence over their mealtimes.

We understand that now is a difficult time for the care sector. With the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for all carers as well as staff regularly requiring to isolate, the care industry is facing a nationwide staffing shortage. Our service removes this concern and allows homes to reduce their catering team. In addition to removing the need for a large kitchen team, we can save your care home time and money, through managing costs, whilst reducing the risk and wastage from your catering.

If you would like to book a free catering audit now to see how you can save money and improve your care home’s dining experience or to try out delicious range of meals at a personal tasting, click here or email Amelia Draffin at

To find out more about the range of meals apetito offer, go to

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