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A thought from Nada

Nada was the manager of a residential care home and along with her team gained Outstanding across all 5 KLOE’s. Her journey in life has changed but her experience is incredibly valuable……Nada has a BA and MA in management and leadership

“It was while sitting on the banks of the Rochdale canal admiring the engineering and ingenuity of the people who crisscrossed the country with a maze of canals to enable faster and cheaper transportation of goods, that it struck me how unpredictable the world is.

Incredible as the canals were, within 50 years, they were obsolete, an old technology replaced by cheaper and faster steam trains. It was then that it struck me how nothing in life is constant.

Unimaginable as they may seem, things we hold as permanent rarely are.  Change can be unsettling, difficult, scary- yet, if we embrace change, stepping out of our comfort zone often brings a greater depth of life experiences and opportunities.  Very often, when you embrace changes in your life, doors will fling open at every glance. Not every one of those will be right but open they will.

My colleagues and I recently faced a huge change in our lives. Things that seemed constant suddenly became just a memory. Whether you resist or not, change will happen and once we understood that, we discovered a whole new world out there.

Two of my close colleagues embarked on a journey of training to become nurse associates, career moves and opportunities of a lifetime to learn and develop their skills, creating a clear career path they never thought possible. Their growth is a success in itself but to know that it has the power to impact the lives of others is pure gold.  Opportunities like these show a potential career development to other staff. Consequently, care is no longer perceived as a dead-end job but a place where you can gain nationally recognised qualifications. 

Another colleague changed her shifts to enable her to go back to college and became an in-house trainer for the care provider she was working for. Her success was infectious, there is a positive buzz in the workplace, people see lives changing dramatically for the better.

For me personally, I suddenly re-defined my priorities. I exchanged a life of a care home manager with secure employment and guaranteed income for a life of a care consultant and a project manager. Whilst I no longer have the safety net of secure employment, I gained in many other ways.

Life is meant to be lived. That means going with the flow and accepting change when it comes your way.

I became more creative, probing different options and different venues. It may or may not work out but I certainly am enjoying the journey.”

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