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A free service to digitally manage your training and qualification records

Skills for Care’s Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) is an easy-to-use online tool which you can use to help manage your workplace.

The training and qualifications feature has been designed with input from social care providers to meet their specific needs. Some users have told us they have said goodbye to their old excel spreadsheets or costly learning and development systems and are now using ASC-WDS as their main method of tracking staff training.

ASC-WDS gives you the ability to define mandatory training for each job role in your workplace and will highlight when a staff member has mandatory training missing from their records. You will also be alerted when training has expired or is due to expire soon. You can even choose how far in advance you want to know about training which is approaching its expiry, so that you can plan in a way that suits your organisation.

Training and qualification records can be viewed by individual staff members or grouped together by training type, making it ideal for reviewing in one-to-ones and for planning learning and development across the whole team. Records and summaries can be downloaded as reports to use offline, share with colleagues or collect as evidence for inspections.

New functionality means adding records is now even quicker. If a group of your staff members have all attended a training course together, the ‘Add training for multiple staff’ option will let you update all their individual records in one go.

ASC-WDS also offers other tools and benefits including access to funding for training your staff, benchmarking functionality, and discounts through the Benefits Bundle. It also helps the sector by producing intelligence and evidence used in decision-making by the government and other stakeholders.

Visit Skills for Care’s website to find out more or sign up for your ASC-WDS account.

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